Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, & John Lewis are digitized, minted, and immortalized for charity by ConfrontArt. I was supplied with the models of the busts and developed the environment and materials being used to create infinite loops for an NFT charity auction.

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The Project

ConfrontArt debuted their Union Square statue busts SeenInJustice in October 2021 to immortalize the icons Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and John Lewis. In early 2022, they wanted to create a series of NFTs of the busts, for donation to several charities and non-profits, with artwork submitted by black artists, Izz Akko and another remaining anonymous.

Izz Akko

Culturally conscious designs and layouts for to guide the 3D scene, taking elements directly from Izz's artwork to directly influence the objects, layout, and motion of the NFTs.

Optic Nerve

In collaboration with Optic Nerve and an anonymous artist, the designs portray unique features of each individual's personal, communal, and/or work life.

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