Primordial Order

Primordial Order
Dec 2021
3D Technical Artist
Open Site

NFT virtual gallery for this thirteen piece collection and one sculpture, built on New Art City, and minted on OpenSea.

"PRIMORDIAL ORDER is... the journey from order to chaos as seen through the human experience."

The Concept

zeitweitz came to me with an idea for a virtual gallery for the Primordial Order collection going up for auction on 12-11-21 at 11:11am. A black altar on a Nordic beach with Northern Lights on the horizon. Thirteen photos, exposed the same number of times in their respective place in succession, cycling to rebirth infinitely, with the Godaland sculpture as the centerpiece NFT for the gallery altar.

NFT Artwork

We decided to utilize New Art City as our platform for their excellent mobile UI/UX. Each piece was brought into space and integrated with OpenSea detailed NFT data for a seamless experience to the NFT marketplace.

The Experience

You drop from the sky into a Nordic, black rock canyon, facing Northern Lights in the distance. To the left is the title of the show with details, and to the right are the show credits. The small canyon leads to a black marble path toward a circular altar floating above a Nordic shore. In the other direction of the canyon, are three videos, displaying the process, promotion and previous promo for the physical gallery (2018).

A screenshot of the altar in the Primordial Order gallery.
A screenshot of entering the Primordial Order gallery.
A screenshot of the Primordial Order altar with the northern lights behind it
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