Storyboarded, modeled the isometric environment, textured, rigged, animated, and edited several videos for the debut of this autonomous scrubber.

April 2022
Product Promos

Connex National Conference Featurette

Ice Cobotics was unveiling their new autonomous scubber, COBI 18. The trade show booth featurette was to be shown on a staggered 7-screen video display. We created several spotlight sequences to highlight the various features and functionality such as lidar scanning, route mapping, object avoidance, data analytics, analysis, and sync with the Ice Cobotics native mobile app.

The wonderful Creative Director at Ice Cobotics contacted me about a promo video for the unveiling of their newest autonomous scubber, Cobi 18. They needed a featurette video to play at their trade show booth at the Connex National Conference. In tandem, she wanted four looping animations and stills that needed to be produced and optimized for their website landing page.

Product Website

With the unveiling at Connex, the Creative Director at Ice Cobotics needed 4 sections on a website parallax scroll. We created 2 video loops and 2 renderings to seamlessly transition and highlight the top features of Cobi 18 [ View Website ]

Website Parallax Scroll

BTS Production

Side-by-side storyboard to screen of how we planned and executed the featurette.

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